Trying to Sell Your Aluminum Scraps?

We're happy to purchase aluminum pieces at our Waretown, NJ facility in Ocean County

It's not always easy to estimate how much material you'll need before you start a project. When you find yourself with extra materials at the end of a project, it can be frustrating to think about the money you wasted. Instead of losing those funds, sell your aluminum scraps or other metal components to Sonny's Recycling Inc in Waretown, NJ. We'll pay for your leftover pieces.

Don't lose money on wasted materials. Get cash for your scrap metal by visiting our Ocean County, NJ, recycling center today.

Take a look at our full list of accepted materials

We accept a wide range of scrap metal pieces and electronic components for reuse. You can sell any of the following materials or parts at our local scrapyard:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Catalytic converters
  • Computer parts
  • Copper
  • Insulated wiring
  • Motors
  • Stainless steel

If you have aluminum scraps left over from your last project, bring them to our recycling facility today. We're happy to provide you with a cash offer.